Lussetti Studios

Lussetti Studios

Stockholm, Sweden



Hi, my name is Simon. I’m a YouTuber, producer and content strategist based in Stockholm, Sweden. My creative career started around 10 years ago with a simple upload to YouTube. I had no big ambitions or fixed plan on how to create one of sweden's most successful YouTube channels, but one upload at the time have slowly taken me on a journey to this exact place and moment. With a total of over 200’000 subscribers, 65’000’000 views and 800 uploaded videos I would classify myself as something of an expert in online video content.

On my way here I’ve alsoworked and learned from some of the best in the business locally. One of the biggest names being Splay Networks (now SplayOne mediagroup) where I worked with channel management and content produktion for three years (2013-2016).

I’ve done influencer marketing for brands such as Samsung, IKEA and GB Glace and are always looking for new opportunities to work with brands moving forward. We can all learn a lot from each other and I think it’s super fun to work on videos that are bigger than just “me”.

To learn more about my time in production, please watch my showreel.